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M M a a   .  S o c i a l 

Lady Artisan weaving baskets fromlocally grown elephant grass in Ghana

Not only do the baskets reflect generations of traditional handicraft, they also provide income and financial independence for rural women in a context where employment is scarce. The collective of just over 500 women provides a supportive network whereby members have access to financial literacy training, sexual and reproductive health education and business support programs.

The artisans, part of a collective on the border of Ghana and Burkina Faso, take two to three days to hand weave each piece.  Our products are completely sustainable:  straw is procured locally, vegetable based dyes are used to dye the straw by hand and the weaving is all done by women in the collective.

Access to sanitary products causes girls around the world to lose countless school days each year.  For each Mmaa bag that you purchase, a girl or young woman will receive a reusable sanitary kit (one pad holder, three washable pad liners, soap, six pairs of underwear and washing bag) that will help keep girls in school and help end the shame and silence around period poverty.  The reusable sanitary kits are made by seamstresses within the collective therefore promoting another stream of income while also giving back to the community :)

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