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Easy-care ecological linen and bio-organic cotton mix kitchen apron with beautiful wild fox design by Finnish artist Teemu Järvi. He specializes in wilderness themes from a lifelong love of nature. A ceaseless explorer of Finnish woods and lakes, Järvi is familiar with the wildlife through first-hand experience. He works with traditional tools such as the reed pen, creating works of art that transport us from our hectic urban existence to the soothing calm of primeval wilderness.


Lapuan Kankurit linen is grown, spun, as well as dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations and fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate requirements.


Lapuan Kankurit are a special company established in 1917, they weave responsibly, respecting the environment. They take a stand against nature-consuming, short-lived + cheap production. Everything they do is transparent, and their materials can be traced back to source and employees are well supported. They only use natural raw materials, such as linen and wool and in this way weave a better future for all.


Ecological flax is grown in Normandy, Europa and it is traceable 100% european Masters of Linen long staple linen yarn. All yarns are spun as well as dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations and fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate requirements.


Product development, material purchases, programming of looms and design as well as warping, weaving, finishing and fabric inspection is done in Lapua in our own weaving mill in Finland.  Sewing is mainly done in our own subsidiary sewing company in Lithuania or our own weaving mill in Lapua. Accessories come from Europe, mainly from Finland. Country of origin is Finland.



  • Linen and bio-organic cotton Apron.

    120cm x 70cm

    Wash separately at 60°C in plenty of water. 40°C is also an adequate wash temperature. Wash the new textile separately before use at 60°C on a gentle cycle in plenty of water. Do not spin dry. 40°C is also an adequate wash temperature.Avoid softener and bleach. Reshape and dry. Do not tumble dry. Linen textiles will dry quickly, remember to iron when the fabric is still damp. The colour of natural linen becomes lighter with washing. Shrinkage approx. 5%.