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Modern brushed brass single candlesticks to adorn your table. Either matching with another to form a pair, or as a group of different sizes, these candlesticks are lightweight, elegant and robust.

Brushed Gold Coloured Taper Candle Holder

PriceFrom £8.95
  • Dimensions: 

    Small: 4" dia x 2"

    Medium: 3" dia x 4"

     Large: 5" dia x 6.5"

    Candlestick Wreath - small: 7.75" dia x 7.25"

    Candlestick Wreath - large: 11.5" dia x 9" (Can be combined with the small wreath (sold separately).


    Candles are not included


    • Handmade in India. 
    • Ethically crafted in small batches. 

    Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap.