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The Amour Sans Anse was created by La Soufflerie for The Hotel Amour + Restaurante in Paris as the perfect little bud vase for the table.. it is an oval bottle with a short neck and rim and comes in two versions - with handle (avec anse) or without handle (sans anse). 

A mouth blown, handmade, unique + eclectic piece that  can be used as a vase for flowers or foliage, as a diffuser, as a candlestick (if filled with sand or water) or on the bedside table as a decanter... and resides simply wonderfully on a shelf anywhere. 


An ideal little present it also comes in a traditional La Soufflerie Gift Bag.


  • La Soufflerie is a not for profits organisation
  • all profits breathe life back into ancestral glassblowing centres
  • fair trade revenue
  • good working hours
  • family owned company
  • 100% recycled glass only
  • made in Paris


Each piece individual piece is mouth blown + handmade so some differences to images are to be expected - they are all perfectly imperfect and that is their charm.


Photo credit: La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie - Amour Sans Anse

  • This glassware is dishwasher safe but we do recommend you wash them by hand to avoid scratches and preserve their lustre