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Beautiful 2 litre capacity hot water bottle with soft + cosy, 100% pure new wool cover woven responsibly by Finnish company Lapuan Kankurit.


Like us here at Iris Lifestyle, everything Lapuan Kankurit do is transparent; they take a stand against fast-consumption or short-lived, cheap production and take good care of their employees, partners + clients.


With every purchase of the Saimaannorppa hot water bottle there is a donation given by Lapuan Kankurit towards saving the Saimaa Ringed Seal.


Lapuan Kankurit have a weaving mill in Lapua, western finland where they manufacture products from yarn to a finished product that stand the test of time whilst keeping their environmental footprint as small as possible. They only use ecological, certified materials. 

Their strategy is to be responsible for the whole production from yarn to readymade products. Most of their production is done in their own weaving mills in Lapua. Where production is not possible in Lapua, it is done in their own subsidiary sewing company/ partly owned factory in Lithuania. This means they can be part of companies’ sustainable development.


LAPUAN KANKURIT - SAIMAANNORPPA 100% Pure New Wool Hot Water Bottle

  • The hot water bottle covers are made from 100% New Zealand wool. Wool is mulesing free and produced with certified spinning mills. All yarns are spun as well as dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations and fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate.

    The hot water bottle inside the cover is made in Germany. Hot water bottles are manufactured by Fashy GmbH, which is world leader manufacture of hot water bottles. Hot water bottles are exceptional and come with a series of very good product characteristics. Hot water bottles capacity is 2,0 litres. Hot water bottles come with hook and closure which are made of polypropylene. The material is odourless, and it has fade proofed colours. Hot water bottles are made from recyclable PVC. The bottles are easy to fill and their jointless neck prevents leakages. Hot water bottle come with instructions. Hot water bottles comply with the British Standard BS1970:2012 and they are additionally tested by TÜV Süd. Hot water bottles are marked with the CE marking, and they fall under the Directive 93/42/ECC of 1993 on medical devices. Hot water bottles can be sterilized by steam. They are manufactured in Germany. With every original Fashy hot water bottle sold, Fashy GmbH supports social projects of World Vision.