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Beautiful table accessories, these elegant, fairtrade, sustainable reclaimed teak wooden bowls are hand turned and ideal for nibbles. Teak root is a hardwood and therefore durable and very sustainable. These kitchenware items are food safe and treated with non-toxic, natural oils.


This product is sourced from a small fair trade producer to ensure fair prices, transparency, equality and safe working conditions. Every sale supports a social mission.


  • made from sustainable reclaimed waste
  • good organisation
  • Fair trade revenue
  • good working hours
  • safe women’s employment
  • fair labour
  • environmental protection
  • bi-annual visits to artisan partners


This wooden kitchenware from teak root is made with simple hand tools.. first the big roots are sawn into the minimum size for processing a specific product. Depending on the type of product (like a bowl or spoon) the wood is carved out by hand with the traditional chisel + hammer. The smoothen and even the wood it is sanded by a simple sanding machine and if necessary touched up with sanding paper by hand. The final product is oiled by hand with a cloth. Sometimes the rough edges are deliberately unfinished to show the original material.

Made from Waste - Reclaimed Teak Set of three table bowls

  • Suharto, the owner of the design workshop, has a passion for everything that is made out of wood. All products are handcrafted from waste teak wood (teak root). They select + source the materials themselves to ensure the materials have the best quality and are eco sustainable. The workshop is located in a small beautiful village in East Java + creates job opportunities for the villagers and people in the surrounding the area. Many people in the rural villages of Java benefit from teak root: local farmers who dig out the enormous roots, villagers who transport the roots to the craftsmen, the craftsmen who turn it into something useful and the local women who collect the wood shavings for a fire to cook on. This system reflects the nature of the village lifestyle.


    Size: Small 7 x 7 x 3 cm Medium 9 x 9 x 3 cm Large 11 x 11 x 4,5 cm

    All wooden table accessories are finished with a food-safe varnish.

    The products can be hand washed in lukewarm soapy water, but

    they are not dishwasher safe. Do not let them soak in water.

    If the surface is dry, we recommend wiping the product

    with a cloth dipped in some walnut or salad oil.