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Handmade in Nepal, these beautiful books make a difference.


Sketchbooks, papers + notebooks all created from handmade Lokta paper produced in Nepal through a professional initiative between Parisien company Lamali and it’s Nepalese partners who are part of the very few companies in Nepal that have been able to obtain the Fair Trade Certification.

As these notebooks are all handmade there may be slight variations in colour or patterns.


For over twenty years Lamali have forged great relationships with several partners in Nepal and India. These suppliers are responsible for the production of all their collections – they share ideals in the mission for the company

Good organisation

Fair revenue

good working hours

safe women’s employment

fair labour

environmental protection

employee retirement plan

medical coverage

schooling system for the children


These are at the heart of an ongoing effort to improve the working environment of the supplier's teams. In Nepal, Lamali have pushed this further, with the creation of a retirement plan for their employees, a medical coverage for them and their family, and a schooling system for their children. Furthermore this effort is directed towards production itself, and has helped their Nepalese suppliers obtain international certifications guaranteeing that the products are constantly in line with customer demands and current regulation, while assuring a continual upgrading of the quality of products and measuring and bettering the environmental impact of operations, such as their implementation of a recycling system for used water in their Nepalese workshop.