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A Beautiful Story

A Beautiful Story fairtrade, ethical jewellery - Assorted Bracelets

A Beautiful Story is a new fairtrade jewellery brand, all handmade in Nepal which believes that every human being has the right to create the most beautiful story out of life.
Behind each semi-precious gemstone used in the jewellery is a meaning, some would say a beautiful story, as these stones can bring  much needed strength and inspiration…. But more than this, A Beautiful Story helps artisans to make a fair living on the other side of the world. Not manufacturers though, craftspeople; all pieces are handmade in A Beautiful Story's fairtrade artisan workshop is in Nepal providing a living wage and more in areas of extreme poverty, where a job means food on the table and independence.

Established in 2006 by Cathelijne who had spent much time in Nepal and was originally preserving small shards of Dutch ceramic into bracelets for people to keep their family heirlooms, she meets Nimdiki Sherpa, the founder of Nepal’s first Montessori school, a motivational lady who starts an employment project: Beads for Life. because not all the women can pay the tuition fee for their children’s schooling. This women empowerment group sparks a light in Cathelijne... and a brilliant social initiative brand is born.. flash forward to 2023 and a universe of responsible, design-led jewellery is at your fingertips.

Read their own story here….   How it started | Our own story | A Beautiful Story

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