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stylish sustainable homewares



We curate our beautiful design-led range responsibly from thoughtful brands. We choose only goods made from ecological materials, certified fabrics, and natural fibres.

We always protect the welfare of our makers and nourish their craftsmanship too and check our suppliers continuously to ensure standards remain high. We are transparent about all provenance + production methods.

By choosing products only from within responsible design, we can do our part in protecting the planet whilst improving people’s lives on an individual level – whether it’s our customers, our team, or the artisans we work with.


How do you choose your range?

We choose the brands we work with carefully, looking for people who excel in what they do whilst ensuring fair pay and good working conditions, taking care of the environment, and offering something unique most often made by hand.

Where are products made?

We work directly with artisans both locally and further afield, we have artisans making in our village here in Cambridge, UK and as far away as Africa and Nepal.

All our artisans receive a fair wage, good working conditions and support. As small makers producing at a distance bring transport issues and therefore raised carbon footprint, we are mindful of this and look at how goods are transported, preferring passenger ships to air-miles... but we also understand the value of providing income to people in very rural places and look to empowering communities through the outlet of traditional crafts so some artisnal items are not made in the UK.

Do the artisans receive a fair wage?

Yes, they do, all our producers operate independent businesses and set their own prices and wages but always pay above fairpay guidelines in the country in question. We rigorously vet any suppliers as carefully as we can to ensure good welfare, fair pay and environmentally friendly practices are used, if we are at all in doubt we willnot stock the product. We want to make a positive impact in the world and need to ensure that their business is ethical. We also work with both producers + suppliers to design and help develop products.


Design is crucially important but so too is striving to do our part to ensure that crafts, the makers and their history, language, techniques, and culture that surrounds them, endure in the face of mass production. 

We know you’ll find something you love; when you shop with us you can genuinely feel good about what you buy. 


One Tree Planted Logo
We support One Tree Planted - a charity to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts. For every online order we take a tree is planted.
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