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The Angelo vase is so excellently festive! It's been moulded from a plaster piece in the shape of a monk’s head - originally found in Chapel de Saint Sulpice whilst Sebastien - one of the founder's of La Soufflerie, Paris, helped on a restoration there and was lucky enough to find some plaster heads that were about 200 years old in the basement of the church and was allowed to keep some of them. 


The exterior of the glass features intricate details that highlight the character of the facial features of the monk but the interior is smooth to allow for easy-drinking/easy cleaning. A unique and quirky, unconventional festive piece – great for art lovers or for making a statement!


A mouth blown, handmade, unique + eclectic piece that makes a fabulous gift - can be used as a vase for flowers or foliage or as a candlestick or on the bedside table as a decanter... also simply wonderful on a shelf anywhere. 


  • not for profits organisation
  • all profits breathe life back into ancestral glassblowing centres
  • fair trade revenue
  • good working hours
  • family owned company
  • 100% recycled glass only
  • made in Paris


Each piece individual piece is mouth blown + handmade so some differences to images are to be expected. 


Photo credit: La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie - Angelo Vase

  • This glassware is dishwasher safe