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Le Soufflerie Muscat are transparent wine or cocktail glasses heralding from  a nation of wine lovers. Made in Paris this is a footed glass in a classical style that will add sophistication to any table setting or drinks party.


Partners very well with many of our carafes and decanters but particularly the Bistro Rond or Long Fumé or Royal Petit.


A mouth blown, handmade, unique + eclectic piece that makes a fabulous gift.


  • not for profits organisation
  • all profits breathe life back into ancestral glassblowing centres
  • fair trade revenue
  • good working hours
  • family owned company
  • 100% recycled glass only
  • made in Paris


Each piece individual piece is mouth blown + handmade so some differences to images are to be expected - they are all perfectly imperfect and that is their charm.


Photo credit: La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie - Muscat glass

  • Although most glass is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing to avoid scratches and preserve lustre.