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Playful neutral handwoven jute bag that is super-sized, stripey + spacious with calm grey thin stripe and a pop of orange. Combining style with practicality - it is so strong and holds so much and has sturdy double rope short handles. It is unlined but is double thick so ideal for town, beach, shopping or anwhere else. It also folds flat in a suitcase or storage - very useful in the car for a standby shopper. 


Woven by female artisans that are supported by Fair Trade organisations across Bangladesh, utilising locally grown natural materials and protecting + helping develop renowned traditional skills. All products are handmade + fairtrade – there may be slight variations in size/colour.



Maison Bengal was set-up in 2004 in order to help fight poverty in Bangladesh, working particularly with mothers and young women. Based in Suffolk, UK and working very closely with three fair trade organisations in Bangladesh, each one best placed to identify the most marginalised communities in their area and provide training in handicraft production. Maison Bengal work with each group separately to utilise their locally grown natural materials and develop their renowned traditional skills. This, combined with contemporary designs, has allowed them to produce a comprehensive range of handwoven products. This process has taken many years of commitment and is a rewarding and constant work in progress.


Maison Bengal now works with over five thousand women throughout Bangladesh, happily able to work in their home environment enabling them to care for as well as financially support their families.

Maison Bengal Extra Large Poresh Shopper bag - gery / orange line

  • Jute is plaited, crocheted and woven to create strong, beautiful bags.

    [Approx] Height: 50cm Width: 85cm

    Maison Bengal utilise the locally grown natural materials and develop renowned traditional skills. All products are handmade + fairtrade – there may be slight variations in size/colour.