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Handwoven Fairtrade, ethical black + white storage basketTURAL ABSTRACT

KAZI    Bowls    -    Wall Art    -    Coasters

Origin: kazi is from Swahili, meaning “employment jobs, source of income”

KAZI’s mission is to create jobs and markets to alleviate poverty in Africa, empowering artisans to weave a better story for themselves. KAZI is currently one of only five companies to carry the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft on their Rwanda and Uganda products - the highest standards for assessing artisan homeworker production and supply chains. When you purchase these products, we hope you can feel good knowing everything is made ethically in a home or small workshop.


  • Fair wage jobs

  • Sustainable materials

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • Create employment for 4,575
    artisans from Rwanda,
    Uganda, and Ghana

  • Everyone deserves to make a fair wage

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