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Glass shards ready to be recycled

La Soufflerie, Paris

Glass blowing furnace at la Soufflerie Studios
Glass blowing at La Soufflerie
La soufflerie store in Paris
La Soufflerie Store interior in Paris
The Eiffel Tower in the sunshine

Established in 2007, La Soufflerie is a non-profit, family-owned and operated business run by husband + wife; Sebastien and Valentina Nobile who first set up by taking their initial attempts at mouth blown glass to restaurants and florists they knew well in Paris … they were well received (indeed it seemed that everyone had their own thoughts on the perfect piece of glassware for their own needs!) ... and so the idea of small-batch glass pieces was born. But they soon needed to get more advice on the delicate skills required to create the unusual shapes they wanted and more advice on how to work with this difficult of mediums – where could they find it? Valentina + Sebastien were shocked that there were only two traditional glassblowing studios left in Paris – the capital of wine loving France! They couldn’t believe that this appeared to be a dying art, as mass production threatened to swallow up a national heritage. They immediately set about making a company that would lift this cultural technique back on its feet, and worked together in their studio-workshop in Paris to design original and timeless perfectly-imperfect glassware, each piece carefully made by a skilled artisan using traditional mouthblown techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your home that are affordably-priced. They make colourful, hand-blown glassware from 100% recycled glass with all company profits going back into preserving the art of ancestral glassblowing now supporting other glass studios and mouth-blown crafts centres around the globe.

La Soufflerie glassware instore at Iris Lifestyle UK

Mouthblown       Handmade       Preserving Ancestral Glassblowing

Sebastien et Valentina at La Soufflerie in Paris


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